Swasthya Plus News Desk 

  • ‘Kete Nua Bata’ (Many New Paths) Season 2, a 3-month media advocacy campaign on COVID-19 Awareness 
  • A joint initiative of OdishaLIVE and Swasthya Plus, supported by UNICEF, Odisha 
  • Focuses on children, education, health and youth during COVID-19 
  • Knowledge partner – ‘Mo College’ 
  • Insights to battle COVID-19, stories of COVID Warriors, and advice from Doctors and Specialists 
  • Hybrid campaign on Digital, TV, and Radio 

The second wave of COVID-19 has affected and distressed both the young and the old. A shroud of hopelessness has settled on people because of the rising infections. In this context, Odia digital news platform OdishaLIVE and health & wellness media network Swasthya Plus have joined hands to launch a media advocacy campaign, the second season for ‘Kete Nua Bata’ or ‘Many New Paths.’ The Many New Paths campaign is supported by UNICEF, Odisha. The Government of Odisha’s ‘Mo College’ initiative has joined in as the knowledge partner. 

As part of this campaign, a fortnightly audio show will bring together experts, young people, and voices of COVID warriors from across Odisha. This show will be aired on alternate Sundays on All India Radio (All Stations, Odisha) at 10 AM as well as Radio Choklate 104 FM (Bhubaneswar) at 11 AM. Similarly, DD Odia and Kanak News will telecast the fortnightly video shows. 12 episodes have been designed and lined up as part of this campaign – 6 audio shows and 6 video shows, which will go on air starting May 23 and until August 8. 

During these unprecedented times of crisis, this media campaign strives to showcase stories of resilience and shine positivity among people in Odisha. The campaign shall bring insights to fight COVID-19 infection, experiences of young people during the pandemic, stories of volunteers and healthcare workers and disseminate important information as well as advice from doctors. 

Leveraging OdishaLIVE and Swasthya Plus’s digital network, audiences from India and abroad shall be able to access information related to this campaign via Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. 

“As Odisha deals with COVID-19 again this year, there are many challenges and difficulties ahead of us. This is an especially difficult time for children, adolescents and young people. Schools have been closed for a long time, children are missing their friends, and young people are anxious about their higher education and career prospects. It is therefore very important for all of us to support children and young people as they navigate their way through the pandemic.

Through our media campaign ‘Kete Nua Bata,’ which means ‘Many New Paths,’ we are attempting to bring together voices of children, adolescents and young people as well as many others who are selflessly contributing to the fight against COVID. This campaign will be an exploration of human resilience, joy and togetherness as we deal with the COVID19 pandemic. We have been working closely and relentlessly with governmental counterparts to ensure essential services are maintained especially for those who need the most help,” says Monika Nielsen, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF, Odisha. 

“Today, Odisha is facing incredible challenges due to the second wave of COVID-19. These are especially difficult times for children and young people who are facing hurdles in learning and looking to start their careers. However, in the face of these odds, young people and selfless individuals across Odisha have come together to pitch in and fight the pandemic. ‘Kete Nua Bata’ is a campaign that will focus on issues that young people and children face during the pandemic, and bring forward their stories to your screens. I would like to thank our partners OdishaLIVE, UNICEF, and ‘Mo College’ for making this collaborative, hybrid media campaign possible,” says Sidharth Rath, Founder & CEO of Swasthya Plus Network. 

“‘Mo College’ has joined in as knowledge partner for ‘Kete Nua Bata’ Season 2. This campaign will help students all over the state and also show many new paths to explore for countless others amidst this crisis. We are all facing a difficult situation right now and we will need patience and endurance while we cross these troubling waters. Alongside that, it is important to think and talk about the many new paths that we can take to successfully ride out this storm. As the chairperson of the ‘Mo College’ initiative, I welcome you all to this campaign,” says Akash Dasnayak, Chairperson of ‘Mo College.’ 

“Right now, everyone is worried about the second wave of COVID-19. However, the most important thing to focus on is to spread awareness among the masses to be able to effectively fight this second wave. Media plays a very crucial role in this regard. During this digital age, OdishaLIVE and Swasthya Plus have started this collaborative campaign, ‘Kete Nua Bata’ Season 2. The first season was appreciated by all, and now, since the second wave has put people in vulnerable situations, we have decided to launch an expanded second season for all,” says OdishaLIVE News Editor, Saroj Mohapatra. 

‘Kete Nua Bata’ Season 2 is written and produced by OdishaLIVE’s editor-in-chief Nilambar Rath, who will also present the video show. Likewise, Nalinikanta Biswal and Padmavati Dwivedi are the presenters for the audio show. 

Apart from the audio and video shows, the ‘Kete Nua Bata’ campaign will create awareness and share resources through OdishaLIVE and Swasthya Plus’s YouTube, Facebook and other social media pages. This campaign shall also bring you advice, important information, and discussions from doctors and specialists. 

This Sunday, that is, on 23 May, ‘Kete Nua Bata’ Season 2 will launch with the first audio episode. 

The first episode will feature: 

  • Akash Dasnayak, Chairperson, Mo College  
  • Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Odisha  
  • Monika Nielsen, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF, Odisha 
  • Professor Dr Jayanta Kumar Panda, HOD, Department of Medicine, SCB Medical College 
  • Padmabati Patel, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan’s (NYKS) volunteer, Kalahandi 
  • Sharmishtha Sutar, Staff Nurse, KIMS Hospital 

You can tune in to the episode on YouTube or Facebook pages of OdishaLIVE or Swasthya Plus Odia. You can also tune in on radio on Sunday, 23 May at 10 AM on All India Radio (Odisha) and 11 AM on Radio Choklate 104 FM (Bhubaneswar).